360/VR Workflow: mocha Pro 5 + Skybox Studio

360/VR Workflow: mocha Pro 5 + Skybox Studio

Martin Brennand mocha Pro shows us how to track and modify 360 footage in Adobe After Effects using the mocha Pro 5 plug-in with Mettle Skybox Studio. He shows how to motion track and remove a moving 360 camera rig, which happens to be attached to a skateboarder’s helmet. Not exactly stable footage! He also shows how to motion track and place 2D footage onto the side of a building.

The upcoming mocha Pro 5 plugin for After Effects lets users access the full mocha Pro features from inside After Effects and Premiere. It also integrates with SkyBox Studio for extensive 360/VR production and workflow.

Footage provided by Swinburne University of Technology: swinburne.edu.au

360/VR Workflow in After Effects with mocha pro 5 and SkyBox Studio

Top view. Camera is attached to the skateboarder helmet.

Preview cleaned-up footage in After Effects with SkyBox Viewer, a module in SkyBox Studio.

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