Vimeo Introduces Support for 360° Video

Vimeo Introduces Support for 360° Video

Following YouTube and Facebook, Vimeo introduces 360 support. That means now you can now upload 360° videos onto your Vimeo channel.

The site, which targets video creators more specifically, is taking the extra step of helping coach people on how to make these sorts of immersive videos through a series of online tutorials. There’s also a new channel on the site, which allows viewers to explore a curated selection of 360 degree video content.

With its launch into 360 degree video, as with the other uploads on its site, Vimeo aims to differentiate itself from rivals by focusing on creators’ ability to make money from their content.

Creators with Pro or Business memberships can choose to sell their videos, rent them or offer them on subscription, instead of giving them away for free or trying to support them with ads, as on YouTube. Creators get to keep 90 percent of the revenue generated, after transaction costs, notes Vimeo.

Creators can also control settings like field of view, outro and more, as well as upload videos in up to 8K, says the company.

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