How to Use the Mantra VR Node Panel

How to Use the Mantra VR Node Panel

The Mantra VR Node Panel is designed to let you quickly add Mantra VR effects in your After Effects comp. Using a node-based UI, the panel can, easily, create complex realtionships between the effects in no time at all. The Mantra VR Panel includes a Master Controller which will seamlessly interpolate between a fully abstracted state to a non abstracted state to your 360 footage regardless of how many effects you stack together or the relationships that you build between the effects. Charles Yeager ( walks us through the features and shows how to use them.

The Mantra VR Panel also comes with a series of presets that can be instantly used in your composition. Audioreactive features are also included, where you can have effects react based to the high, mid and bass frequencies of an audio file inside the composition.

Mantra VR is a 360/VR plugin for After Effects and Premiere Pro. It is a set of 16 stylization and practical effects that you can apply directly onto your 360 footage, available now for $229. Mantra VR is designed by the creators of SkyBox Suite, which has been acquired by Adobe, that are now fully integrated in Adobe Creative Cloud.

How to Use the Mantra VR Node Panel

Reach the VR Panel on Window > Extensions > Mantra VR Panel. Also available through the Mantra VR effect and toggling on the Panel.

Presets are available in the Panel by clicking on the first button on the top left. You also have an Undo button and a Delete Effects button below.

Link an effect to a controller by clicking and dragging the line to the desired element of the effect.

Add expressions on command panels by clicking on the effect button on the bottom right.

Audioreactive features are also available in the VR Panel.

Charles Yeager is a Filmmaker & Motion Graphics Artist currently residing in Arkansas. His projects have been recognized by Canon, Video Copilot, Vimeo, Filmmaker IQ, No Film School, Film Convert, BOOM Library & Filminute. See his portfolio at

Charles is the author of numerous tutorials on 360/VR video production in After Effects and Premier Pro. You can find them in the tutorial section on the Mettle website.

Mantra VR.

360/VR Stylization + FX for After Effects and Premiere Pro.

A set of 16 filters with practical and artistic effects, with a Node Panel, Audio Reactivity and Globe Preview Panel


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