Mantra VR | Circular Waves Tutorial

Mantra VR | Circular Waves Tutorial

We’re once again tuning in with Charles Yeager for the tutorial and overview of the Circular Waves Effect from Mantra VR. Charles shows us how to use and adjust the different features of Circular Waves to make  transitions and create glass-like effects inside your 360 composition.

Mantra VR is a 360/VR plugin for After Effects and Premiere Pro. It is a set of 16 stylization and practical effects that you can apply directly onto your 360 footage, available now for $229.

Mantra VR is designed by the creators of SkyBox Suite, which has been acquired by Adobe, that are now fully integrated in Adobe Creative Cloud.

Mantra VR – Circular Waves Tutorial

Reach the Circular Waves effect on Effects > Mettle > Mantra VR Circular Waves.

Adjusting the Wavelength and Amplitude parameters allow to control the density and number of waves in the effect.

Adjusting the Displacement parameter creates a distortion effect in your 360 footage.

Adding instances creates a glass-like effect in the comp.

Example of the circular distribution of the effect.

Mantra VR.

360/VR Stylization + FX for After Effects and Premiere Pro.

A set of 16 filters with practical and artistic effects, with a Node Panel, Audio Reactivity and Globe Preview Panel


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