FLUX V1.10 Now Available!

FLUX V1.10 Now Available!

FLUX V1.1 is now available, with many new features that extend the plugin’s toolset. It’s a free update for existing customers, and the new features are included in all new licenses. We have added more mutation variations, more presets, and a Randomize button. There are new render modes, and the ability to select OBJ file as a Force Field shape, and much more.

FLUX is a 3D Volumetric Fractal Flames plugin for Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro. Create haunting and beautiful animated backgrounds, Nebulas, space scenes and more. Download a free demo and try it out.

FLUX V1.0 | New Features Overview


  • More mutation variations – more interesting results
  • Final mutation 
  • New presets: Blooming Fern, Laniakea, Starburst
  • Randomize Mutations button
  • Render Modes: Depth, Anaglyph, Equiluma, Cross Section
  • Ability to select OBJ file as Force Field shape
  • Rotation controls for Force Field
  • Recursive Zoom 
  • Clipping planes 
  • Clipping by OBJ shape


New Preset: Blooming Fern

New Preset: Laniakea

New Preset: Starburst

Normal Render Mode

Depth Render Mode

Anaglyph Render Mode

Equiluma Render Mode

Cross Section Render Mode

Five new Mutations

Randomize Button

Final Mutation

OBJ Force Field

Force Field Rotation Controls

Clipping Planes

Clipping Volume

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