True Detective Title Sequence | After Effects + FreeForm Pro

True Detective Title Sequence | After Effects + FreeForm Pro

We’re so honored that Mettle plug-ins were used in the True Detective opening sequence. We love the show AND love the title sequence even more. Great work by everyone involved. A big shout-out to Breeder and Chris Morris who used FreeForm Pro when he was compositing in After Effects. FreeForm Pro adds dimension to the footage and helps tell a more complete and visually effective story.

FreeForm Pro is used throughout the sequence. The most recognizable place is when Woody Harrelson’s face is overcome with flames. The fire footage is applied as a displacement map onto the face, and offset in the timeline to visibly crumple the face as the flames move upward. FreeForm Pro offers both Mesh Warp and Displacement Mapping to distort a layer in many ways, which lets artists tweak and fine-tune to get the perfect effect.

FreeForm Pro > Displacement Mapping feature.

Fire footage is applied as a displacement map on the photographic image of the main character’s face, to animate and distort it during the transition.

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Making of article on Art of the Title Making of article on Art of the Title
“True Detective” Opening Title Sequence
Client: HBO
Air Date: January 12, 2014
Opening Title Sequence: Elastic
Director: Patrick Clair
Executive Producer: Jennifer Sofio Hall
Design/Animation/Compositing: Antibody
Senior Designer: Raoul Marks
Animation + Compositing: Raoul Marks
Animation + Compositing: Patrick Da Cunha
Production: Bridget Walsh
Research: Anna Watanabe
Additional Compositing: Breeder
Compositing: Chris Morris
Compositing: Joyce Ho
Production: Candace Browne
Production: Adam West

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