Oculus Releases “Oculus Go” | Read the Reviews

Oculus Releases “Oculus Go” | Read the Reviews

Oculus just released Oculus Go, an all-in-one VR Headset that includes a simple motion controller, 3DoF, no more phone in your face, all for $199. It has the potential to bring higher quality VR viewing experiences to the masses, for  a lower price ticket than what is currently available. Of course 6Dof will bring a better viewing experience, as with the upcoming HTC Vive Focus, but that comes with a much bigger price ticket.

Read the reviews below to see what industry professionals are saying.

“The Oculus Go is the most convenient and comfortable headset ever made. That might sound like hyperbole but it’s well-deserved. The $199 priced Go has much more of a chance to get the average consumer into virtual reality simply because it’s dead simple to use.”
– Engadget

Oculus Go is a standalone VR headset. Everything is inside; the screen, processor. You don’t need anything else. That’s one big difference. The other is price. At $199 it’s the least expensive all-in VR system for anyone who doesn’t have a smartphone or doesn’t feel like sticking it in a headset. …Go‘s simple design and low price feels like the Amazon Echo or Google Home of VR”

“The picture quality here is much closer to the more expensive Vive or RIFT. In fact the Go uses newer 2nd generation lenses versus the Rift, which reduces glare. Combined with the 2560 x 1440 resolution LCD screen, the Oculus Go actually delivers a higher resolution per eye than the Rift.”
– Tech Chap

Watch the Unboxing by Hugo Barra, VP/VR at Oculus.

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  1. These are exciting times! Do you guys know if the Oculus Go will be compatible with the After Effects “Adobe Immersive Environment” feature for real-time previewing? This would be a huge selling point for me.

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