No Man Is an Island | After Effects + Flux | Matt Nefdt

No Man Is an Island | After Effects + Flux | Matt Nefdt

We’re pleased to share another great animation from South African director Matt Nefdt. He uses After Effects with the latest version of Mettle FLUX, taking creative advantage of some of the new features.

Download a demo and try it out! FLUX supports traditional, 360° Monoscopic and Stereoscopic O/U and SBS formats.

No Man is an Island | Matt Nefdt.

How It’s Done

FLUX makes it easy to generate 3D Volumetric animations that are haunting and beautiful. There are presets to help you quickly build your animation. What’s New: the latest Version 1.10 now includes “Clipping Planes” and “Clipping Volumes”, so you can contain the FLUX Volume more easily. Watch the Version 1.10 New Features Overview to see the possibilities.

Clipping Volumes and Planes make it easy to contain your FLUX Volume within specific shapes.

FLUX Version 1.10 | New Features Overview

Check out Matt Nefdt’s portfolio here.

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