Free Zombie Character by Devour Destroy

Free Zombie Character by Devour Destroy

Happy Halloween! To celebrate we’re giving away a Zombie Pilot, courtesy of Josh Avira of Devour Destroy Boston. It’s in PhotoShop, with all the body parts separated on different layers, each with it’s own displacement map. It’s meant to be used for character animation in After Effects with FreeForm and FreeForm Pro, following the same techniques as Dan Gies and Dave Legion. It’s a simplified technique that allows you to focus on the creative process, rather than the elaborate set-up of traditional character animation.

Devour and Destroy

Devour and Destroy


Watch the comprehensive series by Dave Legion on Character Animation in After Effects with FreeForm:

Part 1: Displacement Maps For Use With FreeForm

Part 2: Create A Facial Rig For Your Puppet

Part 3: Control Facial Expressions with Custom Sliders

Part 4: Set up the lip syncing for your puppet using Mamoworld’s Auto Lip-Sync

Part 5: Create a Working Jaw Using AE 3D Layers

Part 6: Create a Swinging Head of Hair

Part 7: Create Simple Controllers for the Head and Eyes

Part 8: Part 8 – Switch Out Existing Voice Over With Auto Lip Sync


Devour Destroy is a Boston design and clothing company. DD was founded by artist Josh Avira in 2012.

Contact Josh Avira:


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