“Cut-Off” 360° VR | Vice Canada | Justin Trudeau

“Cut-Off” 360° VR | Vice Canada | Justin Trudeau

Cut-Off VR is an immersive 360° documentary experience that places the viewer in the middle of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s historic visit to Shoal Lake 40, a First Nation community in Canada without access to clean water. Viewers also visit Cross Lake, where a state of emergency was declared after a wave of youth suicides. Thank-you to the team at Occupied VR, who used Mettle 360/VR plugins in their workflow. We are honoured that our tools are used in this project. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets with youth at Shoal Lake 40, First Nations community.

Youth speak out about their  difficult circumstances.

Shoal Lake 40 is accessible only by boat or ice road during a few winter months.

Many First Nations communities live in 3rd world conditions in Canada, with no safe drinking water, and an epidemic of youth suicide.

Shoal Lake 40 welcomed Prime Minister Justin Trudea, and look forward to his government’s commitment to building a brighter future.

Cut-Off 360 VR was produced by VICE, NFB, CFC, and Occupied VRImmersive VR version made possible by theTELUS Fund.

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