Battleship Parody Part 2

Battleship Parody Part 2

It floats! It morphs from one robot-eyeball shape to another…the Hypno-Precompulator is back and helps to keep the world safe for After Effects users everywhere. Yes, the floating robot eyeball that makes an appearance in this parody is made in After Effects with ShapeShifter Ae. Quite remarkable when you look at the complexity of the model. It’s all made with ShapeShifter’s Displacement feature and The Generator, and it’s super-easy to do!

ShapeShifter Ae

ShapeShifter AE

In this tutorial, Mathais ( shows how iExpressions makes it easy to create realistic movement in After Effects. He rigs a 3D character using iExpressions on the Generator, a feature-set found in ShapeShifter AE.

You can check out Part 1, presented by Ran Ben Avraham.

2 thoughts on “Battleship Parody Part 2

  1. These are very good tutorials. I especially like how easy it is to control the hypno character via iExpressions . Good thinking.

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