Press Release: Mettle Launches SkyBox

For Immediate Release
DATE: May 15, 2015

Mettle Introduces SkyBox
360 | VR Plugin for Adobe After Effects

Mettle continues to be a leader in bringing complex technology to users in a simple interface. Once the selective domain of the technically savvy few, SkyBox introduces VR | 360 Production capabilities into After Effects.

“SkyBox puts 360 | VR content creation into After Effects, and opens up a whole new world. What was once a very laborious and technically complicated process is now made very easy for the user.”-Chris Bobotis, Developer/Partner, mettle.

Adobe After Effects is a motion graphics and compositing application developed by Adobe Systems and used in the post-production process of filmmaking and television production.

SkyBox adds the following functionality to After Effects:

• Generate 360 | VR format from graphics/animations made in After Effects .

• Generate youtube 360 compatable format.

• Generate Reflection/Environment Maps in Equirectangular, Spherical and Cubic Cross.

• Translate easily between Equirectangular, Spherical and Cubic Cross Formats

• Add graphics onto live footage shot in 360 format and output back to 360 | VR.

Mettle develops world-class software plugins for Adobe After Effects. They have been used in the award-winning opening sequence of HBO’s ‘True Detective’ and by top animation studios including Disney Imagineering and Electronic Arts. Adobe has recognized their excellence by entering into a license agreement.

Mettle is based in Montreal and run by founding Partners Chris Bobotis and Nancy Eperjesy. You can join us on facebook ( on twitter (Mettlecom), and our Blog (

For more information, please contact:
Nancy Eperjesy ( 514-826-2088
Chris Bobotis ( 514-983-2082