Press Release: True Detective Title Sequence

For Immediate Release
DATE: April 4th, 2014

Mettle FreeForm Pro Used in Opening Sequence of
HBO’s True Detective  Series.

We’re proud to announce that Mettle plug-ins were used in HBO’s True Detective Main Title sequence. We love the show AND love the title sequence even more.

“Thank-you to all involved in the making of “True Detective” Opening Sequence. We are honored to have played a part.”-Chris Bobotis, Developer/Partner, mettle.

A big shout-out to Breeder and Chris Morris who used FreeForm Pro extensively for compositing in After Effects. FreeForm Pro is a 3D animation/Layer Distortion plugin for Adobe After Effects developed by Chris Bobotis/mettle. FreeForm Pro was used to add 3D distortion effects on all the major transitions in the Title Sequence, and was a key tool to create the over look and effects in the sequence.

Mettle develops world-class software plugins for Adobe After Effects. They have been used by top animation studios including Disney Imagineering and Electronic Arts. Adobe has recognized their excellence by entering into a license agreement.

Mettle is based in Montreal and run by founding Partners Chris Bobotis and Nancy Eperjesy. You can join us on facebook ( on twitter (Mettlecom), and our Blog (

For more information, please contact:
Nancy Eperjesy ( 514-826-2088
Chris Bobotis ( 514-983-2082