We develop 3D animation and VR plugins for After Effects that put more creative tools in the hands of artists. Use familiar 2D skills and tools to create awesome 3D.

Discover SkyBox: 360 | VR in After Effects

First Ever 360 LeMans.

“It’s phenomenally exciting that we can take what we’ve crafted in After Effects onto VR headset with just a few clicks.” -Ben Kidd, VR Director, Hamilton+Kidd

Semi-Permanent Inspiration in After Effects.

Skybox is pivotal for this project. It brings reflections of Particular or AE basic 3D layers directly onto Element 3D! No more fake reflections from custom comps!” –Claude Autret, Motion Designer

“Mettle provided exactly the tool set we needed to take our AE 2.5/3D environments and get them converted to the playback format for Virtual Reality 360 video.

-Ben Kidd, VR Director, Hamilton+Kidd

FreeForm Pro: Version 1.75 is here!

FreeForm Pro V1.75

New features make this 3D Plugin more versatile than ever. Import Maps into SkyDome (Works great with SkyBox!). Render your layer as an array of primitives. Find out more.

Lots of FreeForm Pro Tutorials, including all-time favorites.

Learn from Dan Gies in his great series of tuts on Character Animation in After Effects with FreeForm Pro.

“FreeForm Pro is a game changer. Thanks Mettle.”

-Dan Gies

Mettle Mega Suite:

ShapeShifter AE Version 1.75 is here!

ShapeShifter V1.75

More 3D goodness for After Effects. Easier than ever to create shape-morphs with Spherical Displacement. Import Maps into your Environment with SkyDome. Find out more.

Exclusive Content for Customers

As a mettle customer, you’ll find exclusive content to download from your mettle account. Get started with project files just for you, that will be updated regularly.

FreeForm: Simply the best basic 3D Mesh-Warp Plugin.

Character Animation in Ae with FreeForm.

Watch Dave Legion’s tutorials: “Build Me Some Hope”. An 8-Part series based on his techniques for  “A Story of Hope” for the FH Foundation.

Tabaat Al Mushahid Title Sequence.

“FreeForm is really easy to use. It has perfect integration into the After Effects UI and fast rendering times.”– Oz Smith

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