We develop 3D Plug-ins for After Effects. Designers can use familiar 2D tools and skills to create unique 3D in After Effects, quickly and effectively.

Our customers include:

Watch Dave Legion’s tutorials: “Build Me Some Hope”. Character Animation in Ae with FreeForm.

Learn from Dan Gies in his great series of tuts on Character Animation in After Effects with FreeForm Pro.

“FreeForm Pro is a game changer. Thanks Mettle.”

-Dan Gies

Breakdown – SkyBox Generated Reflection/Environment Map:

Create a Displacement Map in C4D To Use in After Effects with FreeForm Pro

Semi-Permanent Inspiration in After Effects. See how SkyBox brought it all together.

FreeForm Pro Version 1.75:

ShapeShifter AE Version 1.75:

FreeForm used for “Tabaat Al Mushahid” Opening Titles:

“FreeForm is really easy to use. It has perfect integration into the After Effects UI. Also the fast rendering times make it easy to get just the look I want.”

Oz Smith