SkyBox 360/VR Post FX 2


Adobe has Acquired SkyBox Plugins, and they have been integrated into Adobe CC 2018.



Four Pack: Fractal Noise, Digital Glitch, Chromatic Aberrations, Color Gradient

– Cinematic Post FX for your 360/VR production in After Effects.
– Designed to work with 360 footage – no seams.
– Fully customisable.
– Supports Mono and Stereo.

SkyBox 360/VR Post FX 2

SkyBox 360/VR Post FX 2 | Getting Started

1. Chromatic Abberations:

How to Use Chromatic Abberations | Tutorial

2. Digital Glitch:

How to Use Digital Glitch | Tutorial

3. Fractal Noise:

How to Use Fractal Noise | Tutorial

4. Color Gradients:

How to Use Color Gradients | Tutorial