FreeForm Pro


3D Shape Morphs and The Generator Feature

The Generator lets you replicate/clone your layer many times, and control all as a single unit. You can also create amazing 3D shape morphs via familiar 2D filters in After Effects. FreeForm Pro generates all geometry on the fly, right in the AE comp window. Download the project files to see just how easy it is to create stunning shape morphs with FreeForm Pro. Take your motion graphics to the next level.

Advanced Image Morphing uses Revision FX “re:Flex” + FreeForm to create the following sequence. Re:Flex was used for the body alignments and face morphing while Mettle’s Freeform handled all the clothes folding (shirts tearing apart, jacket wrapping and so on…).

Morgan Préleur of says “Freeform really proved to be an incredible tool and allowed us to achieve complex 3D deformations under tight deadlines. FreeForm Pro’s ability to handle a lot of surface points while remaining totally interactive allows for a more creative and iterative process, we can experiment and come up with improved solutions which is crucial when speed is the key factor. It is a must have in our tool set for upcoming commercial works.”

Character Animation

Daniel Gies of says “Free Form Pro has finally brought the third dimension to After Effects in a way like never before. It has completely changed the way I approach character animation and environments in After Effects.”

Dan Gies put together an 18 part series that has been proven to be the standard for character animation in After Effects. FreeForm Pro is showcased in Parts 8, 9 + 10

Organic Effects

Combine FreeForm with filters and plug-ins that come with After Effects. Open up new creative possibilities. Professionals like Harry Martis (aka denial.of.service) use FreeForm Pro to get the results they want for clients like David Bowie and Banks.

Water Simulation

Render animated 3D water from a still. FreeForm Pro uses Mettle’s proprietary 3D engine and employs advanced 3D displacement mapping algorithms — similar to those used in movies such as Avatar, The Matrix, Inception etc. FreeForm Pro’s rendering allows for a high level of realism. Features include Depth renders and Reflection mapping. FreeForm Pro can claim the tightest integration into AE’s 3D controls. Work with a familiar U.I. quickly and efficiently.

FreeForm Pro Features:

3D MESH WARP – Bend and distort on x, y, z. Add up to 400 control points on a single mesh layer, and control and animate each point in 3D space.


THE GENERATOR: Replicate your 3D object multiple times on a single layer. Control and animate the replications with one set of controls.


3D DISPLACEMENT MAPPING: Use a grayscale image to displace or deform your layer in 3D space. Great for terrain and character animation.


3D SHAPE MORPHS: Create and transform from one 3D shape to another.


FRESNEL: Add the fresnel lens phenomenon to your work. Create additional 3D materials, like water and glass.


DISPLACEMENT MAP CHANNELS: Isolate different regions on your 3D model, and give them different reflections and finishes.


DISPLACEMENT MAP NOISE: Easier to create natural-looking organic surfaces and animations using mathematical algorithms instead of additional geometry. Is a great complement to displacement maps.


ADDITIONAL REFLECTION MAPPING CONTROLS: Many extra built in features for much more control over reflections.


ANIMATEABLE SUBDIVISIONS: Control the amount of geometry in your 3D model. Add more geometry for extreme close-ups in your animation, and diminish the geometry for long-shots of the same model.


ENVIRONMENT SECTION: Create natural phenomena like fog and mist with no additional rendering time.


3D BLENDING MODES: True 3D blending (transfer) modes built-in at many levels.


INTUITIVE INTERFACE CONTROLS that feel built into After Effects.




GENERATE DEPTH MAPS that work with other applications and plug-ins.