SkyBox 360/VR Post FX


Adobe has Acquired SkyBox Plugins, and they have been integrated into Adobe CC 2018.



Four Pack: Blur, De-Noise, Sharpen, Glow

– Cinematic Post FX for your 360/VR production in After Effects.
– Designed to work with 360 footage – no seams.
– Fully customisable.
– Supports Mono and Stereo.

SkyBox 360 Post FX Overview

Apply SkyBox Post FX directly on imported 360° footage, or on an Adjustment layer.

SkyBox 360 Post FX – Blur


Represents convolution kernel radius.

SkyBox 360 Post FX – Sharpen

Sharpen Amount:

Adjusts relative sharpen amount between 0 and 100 (max)

SkyBox 360 Post FX – Glow

Luma Threshold:

Defines image region that will glow, i.e. regions where luma (brightness) is more than a threshold, between 0.0 (black) and 1.0 (white).

Glow Radius:

Defines radius of glowing halo, in pixels.

Glow Brightness:

Multiplier for glow brightness intensity, default is 1.0.

Glow Saturation:

Multiplier for glow saturation (color) intensity, default is 1.0.

Use Tint Color:

When checked, Tint Color will be blended to the resulting glow color.

Tint Color:

Choose tint color, which has effect only when Use Tint Color is checked.

SkyBox 360 Post FX – De-Noise

Noise Type:

Choose noise type to suppress: Random Valued or Salt-and-Pepper (black and/or white speckles).

Noise Level:

Adjust hypothetical input noise level until best output result is found.