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“Hey! Love your stuff… Thanks for making such cool shit.”

| Chris Morris | Visual Artist, BREEDER |


“FreeForm is a game changer. It has brought back the spontaneity and creativity to my work flow. Fast rendering, instant feedback and intuitive controls – thanks Mettle.”

| Daniel Gies | Digital Puppeteer, everyonediesfilms.com |


“I’m always looking for new tools to add to my After Effects tool box and Mettle’s FreeForm is my new favourite tool! It’s just one of those gems that leave you wondering how you got by without.”

| Steven Andersen | New Media Specialist, Western University |


“Working with AE and Freeform Pro, in the way I use it, is closer to puppetry. The workflow is pretty fluid and once the puppets are set up in AE (which can take a day or so to do) the process is pretty simple.

| Jamie Clennett | Animator and owner, abitofargybargy.com |


“Freeform Pro really proved to be an incredible tool and allowed us to achieve complex 3D deformations under tight deadlines. It’s ability to handle a lot of surface points while remaining totally interactive allowed us for a more creative and iterative process, we could experiment and come up with improved solutions which is crucial when speed is the key factor. It is a must have in our toolset.”

| Morgan Préleur | Co-founder | noside.fr |


“If you are serious about your workflow then you need to find space for Freeform Pro. Its myriad possibilities and it’s ease of use make it an essential tool.”

| Chris Lavelle | Motion Designer |

“The Mylenium Pack showed that Freeform is not only a tool to bend shapes in 3d, but also to create beautiful depth driven effects that were previously impossible in After Effects. The projects are very deep and powerful, allowing you to customize them to your will, but also to quickly change a few parameters and make yours. Freeform and the Mylenium package definitely take After Effects to a whole new level”

| Alex Czetwertynski | Creative Director | Frank The Plumber |


“Simply put, Shapeshifter AE saves me a huge amount of time! I produce visuals for night clubs and bars, and 3D extruded logo animations are one of my ‘signature’ looks. Until now I’ve been using Zaxwerks’ 3D Invigorator to create 3D extrusions within After Effects, and it has served me well over the last few years. But it has one major drawback – speed. For me, Shapeshifter AE wins hands down when it comes to speed of creation and rendering.”

| Phil Bearman | Owner | philbearman.co.uk |


“Freeform Pro is the ultimate deformation tool… fast, very intuitive, and super high-quality. The speed of the 3DNAE engine has to be seen to be believed.”

| Brian Maffit | CCO | Total Training |


“Useful tools must have three properties: They must be easy to learn, render quickly and produce great looking results. Since FreeForm Pro and ShapeShifter AE strike the perfect balance between those aspects, it just makes it a joy to work with them and allows you to discover their creative possibilities.”

| Mathias Mohl | mamoworld.com |


“ShapeShifter AE is truly unique – there is nothing else out there like it – a must have for AE Artists!”

| Tudor “Ted” Jelescu | VFX Artist |


“In the world of plug-ins for After Effects, Shapeshifter AE is an absolute gem – there is nothing else like it.
What do I adore more? The technical accomplishments that went into this, with its blazing speed and stable performance? Or the creative possibilities that ShapeShifter AE opens up? Wait a minute, there is no need to choose, ShapeShifter AE has it all! Thanks Mettle – It is about time someone got this right!

| Michael Schneider | Owner | 2d-media.com | Downloops.com |

“Congratulations on producing such revolutionary gfx-changing software”

| Gary Bird | Motion-gfx designer | Perth, Western Australia |

“Just bought ShapeShifter AE … my 3D Text and logos look amazing and render so fast, the workflow is super easy. You soon realize it is not just for 3D logos. ShapeShifter AE reminds me of when I first got Trapcode’s Particular… it drove me nuts for about two months… I could not stop using it… the more you work with it the more you discover new things it can do … it is an indispensable tool. :)”

| Dave Tunell Owner | Tunell Vision |

“Wow! FreeForm Pro feels like we are working on a Discreet Inferno System again – only on steroids.”

| Ruediger Chmielus | Senior Designer + Owner, Barbecue Design |

“ShapeShifter AE ROCKS!!! It makes quick and beautiful work out of DJ Fonts and everything else I throw at it. Definitely worth the price.”

| Mark Santella | VJ – Motion Designer |

“Freeform Pro finally brings fast, real 3D to After Effects. Using 3D displacement maps, it’s now possible to model a detailed 3D building, an undulating ocean, or mountainous terrain. Use paint tools as the displacement, and you can even replicate digital sculpting! Really a great addition to AE, and the speed increase over the bundled version is just incredible!”

| Sean Kennedy | VFX Compositor |

“Chris (Mettle) gave me an early chance to play with these projects, and I really enjoyed how easy it was to make 3D animations that look really cool, all inside of After Effects”
| Todd Kopriva | After Effects Community and Content Lead |

“FreeForm offers After Effects a huge feature that used to push artists to other systems; no longer must a job go to Flame for what Autodesk calls “extended bicubics,” and the result is fully integrated with AE’s own 3D camera and lighting system. How cool is that, integrating curved 3D planes into After Effects?”

| Mark Christiansen | Author of After Effects Visual Effects & Compositing Studio Techniques |

“FreeForm Pro is First & Sick! The built-in generator is almost a particle system on it’s own… this is addictive, someone stop me!”

| noNME2change | VJ + Visual Artist |

“Holy cow! FreeForm Pro is about 50 times faster then the version that comes bundled After Effects CS5!?”

| Josh Townsend | VFX Compositor |

“FreeForm has been such a success and a welcomed creative asset to the AE world offering many access to solutions previously only attainable through full blown 3D software.”

| Richard Williams |

“Thanks a million…I’ve just downloaded FreeForm and it’s amazing …the amount of control of 3D shapes is what will keep me from migrating to Fusion or Nuke…and after the great disappointment with new 3D features of CS4, I’m in love again with After Effects, all thanks to your amazing plugin. Right now I am in class showing this new wonder to my students…imagine their faces (no more “now we go from 3ds Max to After Effects and… :-)”

| Juan Urquhart | Computer Arts Teacher | Los Pinos Centro Educativ | Uruguay |

“I’ve long been envious of 3D applications and their ability to take a flat object and manipulate that object into almost any shape using a mesh in 3D space. Well now there is finally a product that allows all the same power and control right inside Adobe After Effects. It’s powerful and easy to use. It has much better control and provides much better quality than anything else available for After Effects. Quite simply put, I could not achieve many of the things I have without this plug . It is a must have in your arsenal of plugins.”

| Jack Tunnicliffe | Owner/Operator, Java Post Production |

“With FreeForm I can quickly create complex layer deformations that simply aren’t possible using any other methods inside After Effects. The level of control goes far beyond the preset waving flags or other displacement plugins on the market today. Having a tool like this really helps set my work apart from everyone else… Without question this is a valuable addition to my toolkit.”

| Rob Birnholz | Absolute Motion Graphics Inc. |

“FreeForm goes a long way in finally giving us the kinds of tools we need in After Effects to tackle new challenges. The ability to give depth and relief to 2D layers is going to let us do more in compositing, which is going to save us time and money. For our motion graphics projects, we’ll have the ability to keep working with everything in context without having to go back to dedicated 3D applications all the time. FreeForm is the most intuitive and robust 3D warper for 2D applications available. This capability has been a long time coming.”

| Ben Grossmann | Creative Director/Visual Effects Supervisor | CafeFX/The Syndicate|

“For years After Effects has had an incredibly powerful 3D environment, but it lacked a few key features which required us to jump into a Flame suite or 3D application. One of these missing features is 3D warping, where we bend a layer in 3D space. FreeForm gives us the power to do 3D warping right inside After Effects’ 3D space utilizing After Effects’ built in camera and lights. FreeForm is one step closer to us being able to keep our projects in one compositing environment, crucial for our workflow.”

| Matt Silverman | Creative Director | Bonfire Labs |

“It’s so great to see Freeform in action and with added AE 3D integration. Not only can we now perform 3D distortions based upon meshes that we can push and pull around but the killer feature for me is 3D displacement mapping, it’s so much fun!”

| Angie Taylor | Author, Creative After Effects |

“FreeForm is a cool, ground-breaking filter. It lets you organically and intuitively distort and move 2D elements in 3D space. FreeForm AE opens up exciting new possibilities for special effects as well as title design.”
| Jean Hauptman | Art Director | 21 Post Broadcast Design |

“On our last project, the film Red Planet, FreeForm was the exact tool that we needed to get the job done. And we’ll be using it even more in our upcoming work. It’s essential.”

| Ken Stranahan | Compositing Supervisor | Flash Film Works |

“FreeForm takes a great plug-in and makes it even better. My particular favourite is the 3D displacement feature; you can use it to quickly create all kinds of 3D objects and Freeform will seamlessly integrate them into AE’s 3D environment.

| Paul Tuersley | Freelance Animator/Designer |

“I just finished 76 shots in a TV film and used FreeForm to add extra movement to things like smoke and fire to shots I composited. FreeForm was great. I was going to render a 4 second smoke sequence in 3D that would have taken quite a while but with a single frame, some masking and noise filters and FreeForm it worked a treat.”

| Richard Turner | VFX Supervisor | Whiz Digital |

“AWESOME!!! I am so happy to FINALLY have this tool in AE. I think that folks who have not used this type of warping before will wonder how they ever got along without it. There are SO many uses for this type of freeform distortion tool.”

| Sam DeWitt | Spontaneous Combustion |

“FreeForm is a very powerful true 3D tool for After Effects and it’s surprisingly easy to use right out of the box.”

| Tim Thiessen | Animator |




“Would I recommend moving up to FreeForm Pro? Definitely! At $299.00 I think the new features that Mettle has added to FreeFormPro make it well worth while, The built in “Generator” is almost a plug-in unto itself — the cherry on top of the cake, if you will. 5 out of 5 Cows is my rating for FreeForm Pro.”
Tudor “Ted” Jelescu – VFX Artist.

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“What [FreeForm AE] does looks extremely complex, and produces results that you would normally see only come from a 3D program, but on the flip side, it’s VERY simple to use, and you will be wowing your clients with your new 3D capabilities in no time!”
Kevin McAuliffe – Audio Video Producer

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