Mylenium - Project Files for After Effects/FreeForm + FreeForm Pro

Created by After Effects Guru Lutz Albrecht, in collaboration with Chris Bobotis of Mettle. See how the Masters work! These project files are fully customizable and include some very sophisticated expressions and techniques. Fully customizable.

Liquid simulations: ice melting, lava flow, molten gold, electro fluid and melting chocolate.
Solid-state simulations: brushed aluminum, copper, aged copper, concrete, rusty iron, old brass, glow wipe, cake and candles, chocolate bites and cookie bites.


Video tutorial show exactly how to use these files:


Raves & Reviews

The Mylenium Edition shows that Freeform is not only a tool to bend shapes in 3D, but also to create beautiful depth driven effects that were previously impossible in After Effects. The projects are very deep and powerful, allowing you to customize them to your will, but also to quickly change a few parameters and make yours. Freeform and the Mylenium package definitely take After Effects to a whole new level”
| Alex Czetwertynski | Creative Director | Frank The Plumber |
“Chris (Mettle) gave me an early chance to play with these projects, and I really enjoyed how easy it was to make 3D animations that look really cool, all inside of After Effects”| Todd Kopriva | After Effects Community and Content Lead |