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FreeForm AE - Now bundled
With Adobe After Effects CS5

Metle is proud to announce that our product FreeForm AE is now bundled with Adobe After Effects CS5. .

FreeForm AE Is re-knowned in the world of animation, special effects and compositing. Digieffects FreeForm AE utilizes a scalable proprietary 3D engine to offer 3D curvilinear warping and 3D displacement mapping on desktop systems and applications. Once the domain of high-end dedicated systems such as extended bicubics in discreet’s Flame,

Chris Bobotis, owner and Creative Director of Mettle Montreal, created and spear-headed the development of FreeForm for Adobe After Effects, Avid DS and for Eyeon’s Digital Fusion.

Users include; Belief, BonFire Labs, Dreamworks,E!, EA Sports, Epoxy, Flash Film Works, FOX, Fly Studio, Pixar, Spontaneous Combustion, Universal Studios, Westernized Productions amongst others. FreeForm AE is now published by Digieffects, under the name Digieffects FreeForm. See the Digieffects website for further information on Digieffects FreeForm + the FreeForm Lite Products.

FreeForm Enhancement Pack -
The Mylenium Edition

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Created By Chris Bobotis + Lutz Albrecht. (

Adobe After Effects CS4 + FreeForm Enhancment Pack- Mylenium Edition -

Plug-ins : FreeForm AE, RGS Magic Bullet.