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Fast! Flexible! Ferocious! FreeForm Pro Is A Next Gen. 3D Product

FAST! In comparable tests, FreeForm Pro renders up to 20x (or more) faster than FreeForm for CS4 or the version that is bundled with After Effects CS5. Try it for yourself:

Render Chart

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FLEXIBLE! These speed gains in interactivity and rendering have permitted us to add features to FreeForm Pro that were not feasible in older versions. Features such as:

spacerbullet Adaptive Tessellation - For 3D text and logo creation.
spacerbullet Auto Tangents - For easy deformations via sliders.
spacerbullet "Generator" - Virtually a built-in particle system.
spacerbullet Depth Maps - For use with other plug-ins like Trapcode Particular or Lens Blur filters.
spacerbullet Expose Control Points - For use with Expressions and Trackers.
spacerbullet Polygonal Alpha Clipping- For 3D text and Logo creation.
spacerbullet Reflection Mapping
spacerbullet Shadow Casting - On itself + instances.

FEROCIOUS! A creative powerhouse- FreeForm Pro unleashes your creativity.

Available Now For Windows
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ShapeShifter AE For After Effects CS5 +

3D Extrusions & Then Some!
ShapeShifter AE Goes Beyond Simple Text And Logo Extrusions. Way Beyond!
ssae_textspacerssae_stasisspaceropenCLspacerchanelspacercubesspacerae tutsdspacer

ShapeShifter AE Is Unique! There is nothing else like it for AE! A must have for every artist!
Work with familiar After Effects text tools and leverage AE text and transition animation presets. This takes versioning to the next level by enabling you to create one animation and then render countless additional animations based on simple changes to the text or the preset. Or swap out your logo or animated shapes or masks in the comp or pre-comp.

bullet Organic Particle Effects
bullet More Organic Particle Effects
bullet Easy 3D Text Extrusions
bullet Animated Shapes & Logos

Take a peek under the hood and see just how easy it is.

Lightning Fast Rendering & Easy 3D Extrusions (Right in the AE Comp Window).
ShapeShifter AE works right in the AE comp window and uses AE's native text, built-in presets and effects, AE shape layers and AE masks.

Mettle's ShapeShifter AE brings unprecedented organic true 3D effects to Adobe After Effects.
spacerbullet Combine Extrusions With 3D Displacement Mapping.
spacerbullet Create organic true 3D effects like never before in AE.
spacerbullet Leverage built-in After Effects text + animation presets.

ShapeShifter AE Features:
spacerbullet Generate and animate true 3D text in the AE comp window
spacerbullet Works on AE Shape Layers + Layer Masks
spacerbullet Easy 3D Deformations - Bend, Bulge & Twist
spacerbullet Built in particle system (the Generator)
spacerbullet Use 3D displacement maps + filters that ship with AE for spectacular result.
spacerbullet Render depth maps for use with lens blurs + products like Trapcode Particular etc.
spacerbullet Reflection mapping - Spherical and Cubic
spacerbullet Shadow casting
spacerbullet High-speed rendering

System Requirements: After Effects CS5 (or later) and a GPU(Display Card with 1GB of VRAM (or higher). 512mb of VRAM will suffice but our products really sing on cards with 1GB of VRAM or higher.
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FreeForm V2 for After Effects CS5 (+ later)
Great Features And 2 to 8 times faster than DE FreeForm.

Available Now For Mac + Windows.
Upgrade from Digieffects FreeForm AE for Only $99.00
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Bend, Warp and Displace After Effects Layers in True 3D.

With a highly optimized 3D rendering engine, renders and previews are 2 to 8 times faster. This means you can get things done quickly and explore new creative possiblities. Bring your creativity to the next level and improve your bottom line with FreeForm V2.

Anyone who has tried to distort an image using AE's 2D Mesh Warp has probably given up or settled for an inferior result.  Add the 3D dimension to that and it is practically impossible to do in After Effects without FreeForm V2 or FreeForm, Pro. Most mesh warps don't have refined enough controls to get an accurate result.  FreeForm V2 has two features that give you refined control over the mesh, allowing you to create complicated distortions easily in true 3D space.

FreeForm Comnparison

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Two Ways To Distort After Effects Layers - FreeForm offers 2 great 3D tools in one plugin.  Intuitive, 3D Mesh Warp controls give you broad control over the shape of your mesh.  Create cylinders, curves, ribbons, folds and an infinite amount of basic shapes.  Mesh warp includes two settings that make the 3D manipulation of your mesh simple.

Tangent Alignment- Select On or Off.  A very intuitive, easy to use method for aligning or breaking your tangent handles. Create smooth curves or sharp angles easily with FreeForm's Tangent Alignment.  You choose to turn alignment on or off with no confusion.

Manipulation X,Y,Z - A much needed feature missing from most mesh warp tools.  You select on which axis your vertex points move by choosing X,Y or Z. If you want to "freeform" it, you can select the fourth option and move in all 3 axes freely.

Displacement Mapping gives you the ability create detailed organic shapes quickly and easily.  Use greyscale "maps" to define the height of displacement on your mesh.  A black & white cloud pattern can quickly become a mountain range.  A simple gradient makes a curved ramp.  Displacement maps can also be animated, giving you rippling water, flowing curtains and blowing flags. (B&W Maps beside the final rendered result).

Use each feature separately or combine the two for truly amazing results!

3D Mesh Controls - Move and rotate your 3D layer in 3D space with FreeForm's Mesh Controls.  Position X,Y,Z ; Rotation X,Y, Z ; and Anchor Point X,Y,Z controls.

3D Mesh Quality - Get perfectly smooth final renders.  The 3D Mesh Quality property gives you full control over the final quality of your warped layer.  Mesh subdivision raises and lowers the density or smoothness of your mesh.  As if that's not enough, refine the detail further with 3 levels of anti-aliasing and Image Filtering.

Manage CPU usage - The 3D Mesh Controls are also great way to work fast.  Choose your rendering level: Full, shade or wireframe, adjust Mesh Subdivision and anti aliasing to lower settings and work fast.  Then pump them up for the final preview and render.

Surface Controls - FreeForm V2also brings more dynamic lighting properties to AE.  Adjust the Diffuse, Specular and Roughness properties to create a wide variety of "textures".  From a a highly reflective surface like water to a totally diffused surface like cloth.  FreeForm even has controls that can map a different image to the Backside of your 3D layer.  Perfect for "signs" or "maps" that fold, roll, or crumple and reveal the back side.

FreeForm V2 pays for itself!

With a highly optimized 3D rendering engine, renders and previews are 2 to 8 times faster. This means you can get things done quickly and explore new creative possiblities. Bring your creativity to the next level and improve your bottom line with FreeForm V2.

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Mettle's Digieffects FreeForm (Bundled With CS5)

Mettle Is Proud To Announce That Our Product FreeForm AE Is Now Bundled With Adobe After Effects CS5

Formerly published through Digieffects, FreeForm Is re-knowned in the world of animation, special effects and compositing. Digieffects FreeForm AE utilizes a scalable proprietary 3D engine to offer 3D curvilinear warping and 3D displacement mapping on desktop systems and applications. Once the domain of high-end dedicated systems such as Autodesk ’s Flame, FreeFormAE brings this functionality to the desktop in a robust and highly intuitve manner.

Bundled With CS5



Powered By 3DNAE

3DNAE is Mettle's proprietary, hardware acclelerated, 3D engine. We use industry leading openCL and openGL as well as proprietary algorithms to achieve unprecedented effects in Adobe After Effects.