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These project files are fully customizable. You can change any of the text or symbols you see in the clip to a logo or other shape(s) of your choice. See the Instructional video tutorial on how to do this.

"Chris gave me an early chance to play with these template projects, and I really enjoyed how easy it was to make 3D animations that look really cool, all inside of After Effects"
| Todd Kopriva | After Effects Community and Content Lead

Extraordinary fx made easy!

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Limited Time Offer . Only $79.00 - Place Your Order Now!
Offer Ends Friday, October 15, 2010

Requirements: Adobe After Effects CS4 (or higher), FreeForm (Now Bundled with CS5)
FreeForm for CS4 is still available for sale though Digieffects (

Please Note: All Expressions In these projects are written in English. You will need to run After Effects In English.
Please go through the video tutorials and make sure you are comfortable In using them

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