Mettle in Forbes

Mettle in Forbes

Mettle is honoured to be part of an in-depth article in Forbes, that examines the role that our software plays with Adobe software in 360/VR storytelling. “For VR Storytelling Pioneers, One Adobe Partner Has The Mettle Of An Outfitter“, is written by Michael Humphrey, and features an interview with Chris Bobotis, Mettle CEO, and looks at the work of three Mettle Customers – 30 Ninjas, Fugitives Editorial and Aton-Sanz-Katz.

It is one article in a  three-part monthly series about the role software will play in Virtual Reality/360º storytelling, seen through the lens of Adobe Research, partners and creators.

For Mettle, the goal of its technology is helping storytellers get back to what they do best. “Everything we learned in cinema, there’s no reason why that can’t make its way into the medium,” Bobotis says. “We knew we needed to build as flexible a tool set that we possibly could. And tap into a pool of talent, the After Effects crowd and the Premiere Pro editors.”

– Chris Bobotis, Mettle Co-Founder

Congrats to Mettle Customers Featured in Article:

Julina Tatlock and Lewis Smithingham (30 Ninjas), Aton Sanz-Katz (DreamWorksTV), and Travis Hatfield (Fugitives Editorial).

Invisible: An Original VR Series.
Episode 1: Ripped from Reality (360° Video)

“Mama Said” by Lukas Graham – Cover by Mackenzie Sol (360° Music Video) | SONGS THAT STICK

WORLD BANK / Francis, A VR Film

Chris Bobotis, Mettle Co-Founder.

We would like to extend our thanks to all our customers, to Adobe, and to our team at Mettle.

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