Longing for Wilderness | 360 Video | SkyBox Studio

Longing for Wilderness | 360 Video | SkyBox Studio

360 Inspiration: “Longing for Wilderness” by Marc Zimmermann (Epicscapes) takes the viewer on a dreamy fast-forward from a city street through a forest and into an open landscape. Highly stylized, it is a 360 journey from heart of darkness in the city to the heart of nature, possible with a combination of CGI, After Effects and Mettle SkyBox Studio 360/VR Plugin.

Marc sought to express the human desire to turn off everyday turbulences and experience nature in its rawest form – an opportunity getting increasingly rare these days.

Longing for Wilderness | 360 Video | Marc Zimmermann

Download the 360 Video. Comes with exclusive making-of and the full orchestral dubstep track “Longing for You”:

Marc Zimmermann – (Dresden, Germany) –  is a digital artist with a passion for visual effects, matte painting and digital environments. His work is all about transporting emotions, feelings and concepts in connection with those versatile and captivating spaces.  He loves to create short audio-visual artworks, where he does everything from concept to compositing as well as music and sounddesign. A graduate of Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, animation.

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  1. In the video is DoF applied to the backgroung in the beginning. It si possible to do with Skybox and Frischluft DoF in After Effects or maybe i’m gonna have the same problems when i apply a regular blur and not the Skybox Blur?


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