Liveworx 360 Video | SkyBox Studio

Liveworx 360 Video | SkyBox Studio

Michael Powers (Creative Director, Cramer), found an easy way to turn the Liveworx 2D Opening Sequence into an immersive 360 video experience. The original 3-screen horizontal format was made to open the Liveworx event on-site. The After Effects project files were brought into 360 with mettle SkyBox Studio, where they were adapted and output for that medium. Liveworx is a conference about the Internet of Things (IoT), which showcases smart devices that bridge the physical and digital world.

“This year we launched into producing 360/VR. Skybox Studio is a key tool in our production pipeline. I used Skybox to reformat the IoT wide screen event video into a 360/VR experience. The client was overjoyed.” – Michael Powers.

360 Video: Opening Sequence for Liveworx

Opening Sequence Liveworx 2015, for on-site viewing.


On Location: Liveworx Opening Keynote

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Michael Powers is Creative Director, Animation at Cramer, a brand-experience agency specializing in dynamic event, content and marketing programs. They produce 360/VR, augmented reality, projection mapping and moving sets projects.

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