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Dan Gies Free Puppet Download for FreeForm V2 + FreeForm Pro

Dan Gies has created a fully rigged 3D puppet, based on his CO2 character (see below), available now for free download! There is a project file for both FreeForm V2 and FreeForm Pro. Thanks Dan!


You may already be familiar with Dan’s work as a digital puppeteer. The video above serves as an overview and an intro to a 18 part series on Character animation in After Effects using FreeForm Pro, that was posted on AE tuts+. We are very proud that our products are an important part of the toolset that Daniel uses for his creations.


About the Author:


Nancy Eperjesy is a partner at Mettle. She has over 20 years experience in creating award-winning design and motion graphics for mettle clients. She's a developer of After Effects plug-ins with her partner at mettle, Chris Bobotis. An authority on After Effects and the author of many well-received tutorials. Education: B.A. Psychology - McGill University and B.F.A. Visual Communications - Pratt Institute.

4 Responses to “Dan Gies Free Puppet Download for FreeForm V2 + FreeForm Pro”

  1. Dan you are awesome!!!!!

  2. Wow…totally imressive

  3. I really enjoyed your tutorial series Dan. Thank-you for the free puppet. – Arjun


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