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Tabaat Al Mushahid – Title Sequence | FreeForm

This title sequence for the Saudi morning newspaper review show, Tabaat Al Mushahid, shows a really practical use of FreeForm. The newspaper sequence was shot with a Canon 5D, with some blank areas left on the newspapers. The graphics were then added and peeled off in After Effects with mettle's Mesh-Warp plug-in FreeForm. "FreeForm was ... Read More


Create a Liquid Metal Logo in After Effects | FreeForm Pro

Featured in the November issue of 3D Artist Magazine! Chris McFall leads us through this amazing tutorial on how to create a liquid mercury logo animation all within After Effects. He uses mettle's FreeForm Pro plug-in to nail the effect. With FreeForm Pro it's easy to create, 3D render and animate, in Ae. Chris also ... Read More


Batman v Superman 360 | ShapeShifter Ae

At mettle we're big fans of the Batman and Superman sagas. So it's only natural that we have our take on the Batman v Superman logo. We designed the logo, rendered and animated, all in After Effects using our ShapeShifter Ae plug-in. It's rendered "turntable" style from different POV's. It's relatively easy to create your logo ... Read More


Aquaman | Atlantis Rising

Here's another take on the Aquaman title sequence, put together by Chris at mettle. It's a darker edgier version, heavily influenced by the great work of CG Artist Harry Martis. Created in After Effects with FreeForm Pro, Shapeshifter AE, Light Impacts and the Distortion Toolkit by Rampant Design. Chris also used Mamoworld's Beat ... Read More


In Flight | FreeForm Pro

This fantasy landscape was created by Tudor "Ted" Jelescu using FreeForm Pro for landscape, river, environment effects etc. and for the flying creatures. He uses a combination of image based displacement mapping and displacement noise, as well as Mist and Fog controls found in the Environment section of FreeForm Pro. Soundscape and software by Mettle. Tudor ... Read More


Free Update: ShapeShifter + FreeForm Pro Version 1.6

FreeForm Pro and ShapeShifter Ae are better than ever! WIth powerful new features that give you more creative tools at your fingertips. What's new: Delays for the Generator, with extensive controls. Also new-World Space Deformations. Best of all, it's a free update, and is included in the latest versions available online. WIN version available now. Mac ... Read More


Stunning Visuals from Kinect to FreeForm Pro

CG Artist Harry Martis used an unusual production pipeline for Secret_Science,  a music video for the Athens-based "drone'n'roll" band MECHANIMAL. His process started with a kinect 360 and ended up in After Effects with mettle's FreeForm Pro plug-in. For his filmed material, Martis depended on an Xbox Kinect 360, which he then fed through the 3D image capture ... Read More


Waves | Chris Lavelle and Stephen Langmanis

"Waves is a conceptual video depicting the effects of sounds across our lifetime. The rich tapestry woven in the minds eye against a stark and virtual backdrop. It began as a collaboration with Steve Langmanis who kindly provided me with the RED footage. I applied some VFX for Steve and his imagining of the piece. ... Read More


Aquaman Title Sequence | After Effects

Aquaman Title sequence created and animated entirely in After Effects. Logo design and 3D modelling is the work of Chris Bobotis of Mettle. Chris explains,"It's great to have the flexibility to work entirely in After Effects for a 3D title sequence. All the shapes, including the opening orbs, the logo and the background were all ... Read More


A Bit of Argy Bargy with Jamie Clennett

Who takes a year off to work on a stop-motion animated short that just happens to feature two old men hanging from meat hooks, casually having a conversation? Someone who feels strongly about expressing themselves creatively. That would be Tasmanian-born Jamie Clennett; amateur actor, theatre designer, animator, graphic novelist and story-teller. His animations have won ... Read More


Create an Iris in After Effects by Ran Ben Avraham l FreeForm Pro

Ran Ben Avraham shows us how to create an extreme close-up of the human eye, inspired from the title sequence of the new Cosmos series. He shows us how to create something similar using After Effects and Mettle’s FreeFrom Pro, one of the few 3D plugins for Ae that can actually build and create 3D ... Read More


denial.of.service | Experiments with FreeForm Pro + ShapeShifter AE

denial.of.service | After Effects + FreeForm Pro denial.of.service | After Effects + ShapeShifter AE Harry Martis (aka denial.of.service) has worked on some very high-profile motion graphics projects for clients around the globe, including David Bowie and Banks. These experimental videos shed some light on his working process for music videos. He begins by creating long segments in ... Read More


Character Animation at Western University | FreeForm

When Steven Anderson prepared his latest video for Western University, he drew inspiration from the techniques of  Dave Legion and Daniel Gies, two masters of character animation in After Effects. Dave and Dan have produced many AE tutorials that show how to use FreeForm and FreeForm Pro for character animation within AE. They have passed their knowledge ... Read More


Lizard Man Tutorial Part 2-6

Transform a human into a Lizard Man in After Effects, with Imagineer Systems Mocha and mettle FreeForm Pro. The concept is simple: motion track a face with mocha and map a kimodo dragon texture onto the actor's face with FreeForm Pro. The tracking information is linked to the FreeForm Pro layer, which has been shaped ... Read More


Create your world in After Effects | FreeForm Pro | ShapeShifter AE

As often happens, the turn-around time and budget were limited for this music video production (Something Stronger by Origine). What to do? The model and band were shot on Greenscreen. All terrain and sky created and animated in After Effects with ShapeShifter AE and FreeForm Pro. A big shout-out to Tim Harris for a job ... Read More


True Detective Opening Sequence | FreeForm

We're so proud that Mettle products were used in the True Detective opening sequence. We love the show AND love the title sequence even more. FreeForm was used by Chris Morris at Breeder to Dimensionalise the footage in Adobe After Effects. Thanks so much, big shout out to Creative Director Patrick Clair Antibody.tv, Patrickclair.com, Raoul Marks ... Read More


ShapeShifter AE and FreeForm Pro Are Now Available for CC

We are pleased to announce that our popular 3D plug-ins for After Effects, ShapeShifter AE and FreeForm Pro, are now compatible with Adobe Creative Cloud on the following systems: Mac OSX (Lion & Mountain Lion): NVIDIA GPU's with 1 GB+ of VRAM Mac OSX (Mavericks): NVIDIA, ATI/AMD (7 Series, D300, 500, 700); Intel onboard graphics (Intel Iris Pro, HD5000). WINDOWS ... Read More


Part 9: Character Animation in After Effects by Dave Legion

Dave shows us a fast and easy way to create a 3D head for your puppet. He creates a displacement map using Cinema 4D Lite (bundled with After Effects CC). This displacement map can be imported into After Effects, and used for your character animation with mettle's FreeForm. This is a follow-up to a technique ... Read More


ShapeShifter AE-The Ultimate Guide by Chris Lavelle

Chris Lavelle has prepared this video for ShapeShifter AE. It can be used as an introduction to the plug-in, or as a reference guide on specific features. Chris uses some great examples to explain the features and functionality in a clear and concise manner. This is a companion guide to FreeForm Pro: The Ultimate Guide, ... Read More


Part 7 & 8: Character Animation in After Effects by Dave Legion

In Part 7, Dave shows us how to create a controller for the whole of the puppet head including all 3D layers and the layer that uses Mettle’s FreeForm. We’ll also see how to create controllers for the puppet’s eyes. In Part 8, he shows how to switch out the voice over with other audio ... Read More


Part 5 & 6: Character Animation in After Effects by Dave Legion

In Part 5. Build Me Some Hope, Dave shows us how to use 3D layers and layer masks to create a jaw and hair band for the puppet head. In Part 6 Dave shows a pretty clever solution, using expressions, for creating hair that swings with the movement of the puppet’s head. A key tool for his animation ... Read More


Part 3 & 4: Character Animation in After Effects by Dave Legion

In Part 3, you will learn how to set up custom sliders to control your puppet’s facial expressions. Dave walks you through the whole set up, step-by-step. In Part 4, you will learn how to set up the lip syncing for your puppet using Mamoworld’s Auto Lip-Sync solution. Dave will also share some interesting tricks ... Read More


FreeForm Pro-The Ultimate Guide by Chris Lavelle

Chris Lavelle walks us through the features of FreeForm Pro, mettle's 3D plug-in for After Effects. He explains every feature in detail, step-by-step. An extremely thorough video manual/tutorial that can be used as an introduction to FreeForm Pro, or as a reference guide on specific features. Chris explains it all in his tutorial: 00:00 FreeForm Pro 01 ... Read More


Create a Sci-Fi Panel in After Effects: Tutorial by Tudor “Ted” Jelescu

Tudor "Ted" shows how to create a custom Sci-fi panel in After Effects. He uses a royalty-free 2D image as the starting point. He shows how to use the displacement mapping feature in mettle plug-ins to create his custom 3D model from that image. Great for game or movie titles, matte paintings or set extensions, ... Read More


Part 2: Character Animation in After Effects by Dave Legion

In Part 2, you will learn how to set-up a rig to control your puppet’s face. Dave will walk you through the whole set-up, including how to use Nulls and the Puppet Tool. He'll then demonstrate how to create slider controls to facilitate facial animation in After Effects. Dave Legion explains things in a easy-to-follow, ... Read More


Black Friday is Here!

Simply enter the discount code at checkout: 48637121 Don't Wait... Create!

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Part 1: Character Animation in After Effects by Dave Legion

Dave Legion has put together a comprehensive set of tutorials on Character Animation. The series is called "Build Me Some Hope", named after a character from "A Story of Hope", an animation he worked on for the FH Foundation. You'll learn how to create a displacement map using FreeForm. This is the first step in ... Read More


A Story of Hope | Dave Legion

Dave Legion and the amazing folks at Funky Medics are behind the inspiring and informative animation: "A Story of Hope" for the FH Foundation. FH is short for Familial Hypercholesterolemia. It is an inherited disorder that leads to aggressive and premature cardiovascular disease. "A Story of Hope" is meant to inform, explain and help people ... Read More


Mettle Profiles Sonia Rechaux | ShapeShifter AE

Sonia Rechaux was classically trained in design schools in Paris, France.  She learned Adobe After Effects at a Parisian advertising agency, and now works freelance. When she began work on a film title sequence for Praschan Requiem, a French crime film, she chose mettle's 3D plug-in ShapeShifter AE to help deliver her vision.  The long ... Read More


A Head For Numbers, An Eye For Beauty

Tsukasa Kishimoto (vj nanographica) creates 3D projection installations in clubs and special venues in and around Tokyo, Japan. He uses After Effects for his motion graphics sequences, with mettle’s 3D plug-in FreeForm Pro as one of the tools to achieve his artistic vision. He also makes elaborate handmade 3D kaleidoscopes. Amazingly, all this work is done ... Read More


Mettle Profiles Cameron Gough of Dirty Puppet

Cameron Gough runs an award-winning animation studio in Melbourne Australia that goes by the name 'Dirty Puppet'. We wanted to find out more about the man who gives his studio such an unusual name. 'Hamer Hall - Evolution' received a 'Highly Commended / Honourable Mention' as part of the Australian showcase at the 2013 Melbourne International ... Read More


ShapeShifter AE and FreeForm Pro: Version 1.5 WIN Now Available!

More 3D for After Effects with mettle plug-ins. Create and animate directly in AE, no 3D modeling experience necessary! More great features to help create your inner vision. Mac version coming soon. Model and animation created with new features (fresnel, displacement map channels, displacement map noise)  found in ShapeShifter AE Version 1.5 FreeForm Pro Version 1.5 in ... Read More


New Features Tutorial for Version 1.5 ShapeShifter AE & FreeForm Pro | Kevin Schires

Here's an in-depth tutorial that goes over the new features in Version 1.5 of FreeForm Pro and ShapeShifter AE. Thanks to Kevin Schires for putting this tut together. Kevin knows the features very well, since he played a major role as part of the Engineering team at mettle.  New Features In-Depth | FreeForm Pro + ShapeShifter AE ... Read More


Time Well Spent

Time, a music video for Denature, by Chris Lavelle. Chris Lavelle is an award-winning motion graphics artist based in the UK. He was approached by Denature to do a music video in a style similar to one that he had already produced, called "Turn of the Screw". Chris put this video together in After Effects, using ... Read More


3D Mist and Fog for After Effects: New Features for mettle’s 3D Plug-ins

There are some new features in development for FreeForm Pro and ShapeShifter AE, mettle's 3D plug-ins for After Effects. One of our customers, Tim Harris, found out about them, and asked if he could try them out. He liked the new Environment features quite a bit, and used them in a project for one of his ... Read More


Sneak Peek: New Features for FreeForm Pro and ShapeShifter AE

We've been having some fun developing new features for FreeForm Pro and ShapeShifter AE, our 3D Plug-ins for After Effects. The Version 1.5 update will be free for registered users of FreeForm Pro and ShapeShifter AE. Take a look at some of those new features in the following videos. As you can see, we're adding several new ... Read More


FreeForm Pro Generates Great Effects

FreeForm Pro has a built-in particle system called The Generator. It lets you replicate or clone your 3D layer many times. The whole set of clones can be controlled together, as a unit, within the FreeForm Pro interface. It's an easy way to create beautiful, complex-looking animations. Thanks to UDA for letting us share. More examples ... Read More


Character Animation with FreeForm

You may already know that character animation is possible in After Effects, using mettle's FreeForm Pro. But did you know that you can also use FreeForm, the light version of FreeForm Pro, for basic character animation? Here's a simple tutorial that shows how to do just that, by Dan Gies.

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Gear Box by asART

"All I had to do was create simple shapes and animate them inside a PreComp." - Abdy Shamloo, asART, Switzerland We're always happy to see what customers create with our products. Abdy liked working with ShapeShifter AE so much that he sent us this video with the following description: "I decided to start using ShapeShifter because it's ... Read More


Design a Superman Logo in After Effects with Trevor Coates: Part 3, 4 and 5

We continue with Trevor's great tutorial series, currently being hosted by aetuts+. We'll see how Trevor uses ShapeShifter AE for his 3D logo design and animation in After Effects. This includes 2D filters, transitions, compositing, grading, and how to cast shadows. Thanks Trevor - awesome job! Part 3: Trevor shows us how he created his 3D logo ... Read More


Design a Superman Logo in After Effects with Trevor Coates: Intro & Part 2

There's a great tutorial series from Trevor Coates, being hosted on aetuts+. In it, Trevor explains how to create and animate a 3D logo in After Effects. The logo just happens to be his version of the Superman logo, inspired by our Superman Design Challenge! Introduction to the 5-Part Series Nancy presents the intro to the tutorial ... Read More


Bundle Up and Save!

Now available! Mettle product bundles, with savings up to 30%. We're very pleased to introduce our bundles. We've created them based on customer preferences and demand. So go ahead, buy a bundle and - Don't Wait... Create!

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Mettle Interviews Gary Bird – Winner of the Superman Design Challenge

Kenya. Seychelles. England. Australia... A father whose artwork was gifted to the Queen of England... An advertising apprenticeship in Cyprus... These are just some of the surprising influences in the life of Gary Bird. For the full scoop, read on! The Winning Entry Nancy: Congrats again on winning the Superman Design Challenge. You did a great job. :) Gary: ... Read More


Best Wishes for a Happy New Year

On behalf of everyone at Mettle, we'd like to send our best wishes to all for a terrific 2013. Thanks to our customers, for all the terrific work that you have created, and for your confidence in our products. We really enjoy seeing the work that you do with our plug-ins. Heads up - we ... Read More


Dan Gies Tutorial Series: Making of Flight of the “Rocket-Dees”

Dan Gies has put together a great tutorial series, which is being hosted on aetuts+. The series explains how to do a character animation entirely in After Effects. Dan uses FreeForm Pro, Trapcode Particular, Expressions, and the After Effects Puppet Tool to animate his Rocket-Dees bird character. The wing animation is done using FreeForm Pro. You ... Read More


FreeForm V2 Covers Ground for American Express

Andrew Embury has created a terrific animation for American Express using FreeForm V2. The terrain distortion is done using FreeForm V2, which can easily transform a flat layer into a 3D grid with control points; perfect for terrain. Each control point on the grid can be independently controlled over time and 3D space. Entirely in ... Read More


Man of Steel & Style Design Challenge: Winners!

We are pleased to announce the winners of the Design Challenge. They were selected by popular vote on aetuts+. Thanks to all who participated! We had a great variety of design and concepts. Here is a tally of the votes, as well as the winning videos. #1 Gary Bird #2 Tudor “Ted” Jelescu #3 Patrick Larochelle #4 Barbecue Design #5 Alexandra Mikko #6 ... Read More


Superman Design Challenge: Winners to Be Announced Soon

The Superman Design Challenge is wrapping up, and we've got some great entries from all over the globe! From Singapore, Germany, England, the US and Canada, to name a few. The Superman logo is one of the most recognized logos in the world, and this demonstrates it's universal appeal. Thanks to everyone who participated. It ... Read More


Kevin Schires Tutorial: Elementary for AE

To go along with our Man of Steel and Style Design Challenge, Nancy introduces a tutorial by Kevin Schires, the creator of Elementary. Elementary allows 3D plug-ins to cast shadows and create reflections on After Effects layers. Very cool! Kevin also shows us how to use Colorama to pull a matte. So what is the Superman Design Challenge all ... Read More


Superman Design Challenge is Flying High

Our Superman 3D Logo Design Challenge is well under way! We have already received quite a few great submissions. For more info on the Challenge, see the previous post. We've set up a Vimeo Channel for submissions. Here are some samples: Courtesy: Tudor 'Ted' Jelescu, Norway Courtesy: nonme2change Courtesy: Gary Bird, Perth Australia. Don't Wait... Create! http://www.mettle.com/blog

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Man of Steel & Style – Superman 3D Logo Design Challenge

We are pleased to announce a design challenge for the After Effects community. Redesign the Superman logo using ShapeShifter AE in After Effects. We have project files available to get you started. You can work in CS5 or CS6. We are partnering with the folowing companies and developers. Prizes from: Artbeats, AE Scripts, Envato, Kevin Schires, ... Read More


Contorsione e Rotazione #1 by Davide Pepe

This experimental piece by Davide Pepe uses ShapeShifter AE to great effect. Davide works and lives in Bologna, Italy. Has been developing, filming, and producing artistic short films, music and dance videos since 1995. He also works as an editor, compositor and sound designer. Contorsione e Rotazione #1 Davide Pepe with his sister Lucia, at work. A still ... Read More


ShapeShifter AE and FreeForm Pro available for CS6: Mac & WIN

ShapeShifter AE and FreeForm Pro have been available for Windows for quite some time. Now they are also available for Mac. Technical specs: Mac: NVIDIA equipped Macs with 1 GB of VRAM or higher. PC: NVIDIA and ATI/AMD systems with 1 GB of VRAM or higher. ShapeShifter AE Generate Organic 3D Effects. Also Great for 3D Text & Logo Extrusions. Generate and ... Read More


FreeForm Pro and Evolution of Style 2

Lady's turn! Here it is: the female version of Evolution of Style. You may recognize this as part of an ad series done for Garnier. We did an earlier blog posting for Evolution of Style, which showcases the men's hair products. All visual effects for this sequence were created entirely in After Effects, by Morgan Préleur ... Read More


Mettle revamps Musa Machina brand

Mettle is in the process of redoing the brand identity for musa machina. This still is part of an ad series that showcases the new logo design. Musa machina is a sound design studio that Mettle often collaborates with. They have offices in Paris, Hong Kong, and Bankok. They have produced work for Bulgari, Chanel, ... Read More


Mettle and The Montreal Canadiens

At Mettle, we not only develop software plug-ins, but work on motion graphics projects as well. Our plug-in ideas are often drawn from our real-world experience working on projects, such as this one for The Montreal Canadiens. Mettle is currently working on a sports motion graphics project for our hometown NHL hockey team, The Montreal Canadiens. ... Read More


Mettle Interviews VinhSon Nguyen, CreativeDojo

Nancy: Hey VinhSon, thanks for speaking with me! So, what is the thinking behind the name CreativeDojo? How did you come up with that? VinhSon: I chose the word "creative" because it's a generic name to describe my passion and content on the site. The "dojo" part gives a more authentic and memorable name to ... Read More


Expandables 2 Title Sequence: Tutorial Using After Effects CS6 + ShapeShifter AE

Nancy at mettle gives a quick rundown on how to create this parody of The Expendables 2 film title sequence, using CS6 Master Collection (After Effects + PhotoShop) and mettle's ShapeShifter AE plug-in. You'll handle guns, knives, and over 10 million polygons, all within the safe confines of After Effects.  Free project file available for download! Don't ... Read More


Jean Piché Creates “FreeBirds” Using FreeForm Pro

Jean is a composer and video artist living and teaching in Montreal. He created FreeBirds with Mettle's FreeForm Pro. He likes the creative freedom that After Effects allows him, rather than working in a dedicated 3D program like Cinema 4D or Maya. "Freefrom Pro was an unexpected treasure trove. The ability to manipulate arbitrary forms and ... Read More


Dan Gies Free Puppet Download for FreeForm V2 + FreeForm Pro

Dan Gies has created a fully rigged 3D puppet, based on his CO2 character (see below), available now for free download! There is a project file for both FreeForm V2 and FreeForm Pro. Thanks Dan! You may already be familiar with Dan’s work as a digital puppeteer. The video above serves as an overview and an ... Read More


Eran Stern’s Latest Tutorial: Reality Show Teaser Using ShapeShifter AE, Trapcode and GenArts Products

Eran Stern has a new After Effects tutorial posted on his site. It's a teaser for an upcoming reality show created with stock footage from artbeats.com. It incorporates plug ins from Mettle, GenArts and Red Giant, with some tricks in After Effects, to create a fun, fresh piece. Great job Eran! Don't Wait, Create!

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Sexy Radio Likes Experimettle

We really like a site called Sexy Radio, and the feeling seems to be mutual! Sexy Radio is a music and lifestyle site based in Paris. We'd like to thank them for posting some of our Experimettle work. Merci mille fois! This clip was created with FreeForm Pro, using the Generator feature. Visual by Chris Bobotis. ... Read More


FreeForm V2 for CS6: Fast, Flexible and Ferocious!

As you may have noticed, FreeForm is no longer bundled in CS6. Luckily, a much faster version, FreeForm V2, is available for CS5 and CS6, at mettle.com. Of course, all projects created with the version of FreeForm that came bundled with CS5 can be opened with FreeForm V2. FreeForm V2 is a must-have 3D mesh-warp plug-in for ... Read More


FreeForm V2 Used for 3D Morphing in Evolution of Style

This sequence was created entirely in After Effects, by Morgan Préleur at noside.fr, using the FreeForm V2 plug-in. Here at mettle, we are often asked how FreeForm was used in this sequence. Here is what Morgan Préleur has to say: Re:Flex was used for the body alignments and face morphing while mettle's Freeform V2 handled all the ... Read More


Ancient Journeys Blazing Fast / FreeForm V2

Gary Bird of Perth Australia created this in After Effects, as part of a sting for a kids' history program. He uses Mettle's FreeForm V2 to add relief to the map and create the fluttering flag, amongst other things. The free project file is also available for download below. FreeForm V2 is blazing fast, with all ... Read More


French Flair Shows in Film Title Sequence by Sonia Rechaux

The French have a certain "je ne sais quoi" when it comes to style. This really shows in the film title sequence for the movie Praschan Requiem, created by Sonia Rechaux. Sonia Rechaux is a 2D/3D animator based in Bretagne, France. She also happens to use ShapeShifter AE, and makes great use of the Generator. Bravo et merci ... Read More


The Bevel Made Me Do It

Lots of variety in our latest FREE After Effects Project File: Bevels and Styles. There are 14 different Bevels, 11 different Styles, and 1 animated Bevel. Wow. Very dynamic. Chris at Mettle has created this great-looking and very handy project file using our ShapeShifter AE plug-in. Great work Chris!

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mettle + mamoworld = Amazing New Products!

Mettle, creators of Next-Gen 3D plug-ins for After Effects, and mamoworld, developers of MochaImport+ and iExpressions, are pleased to announce they’re joining forces. An agreement has been reached between both companies, to co-develop new products for After Effects, and other hosts. While each company will continue to sell and develop their own products, they will also ... Read More


Captain America

ShapeShifter Ae and FreeForm Pro work together to save the world! Captain America's shield can be made entirely in After Effects, leaving you more time to don that superhero outfit and race off to save the world. You don't have to sit in front of your computer, wrestling with your 3D program, waiting for render ... Read More


Welcome to the Mettle Blog

Mettle is a company that produces Next-Gen 3D plug-ins for Adobe After Effects. We are an independent third-party developer. That means we develop and sell our own software products; plug-ins that we think will help After Effects users create more cool stuff, faster and easier. We also give away many free project files and presets, ... Read More