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True Detective Opening Sequence | FreeForm

We're so proud that Mettle products were used in the True Detective opening sequence. We love the show AND love the title sequence even more. FreeForm was used by Chris Morris at Breeder to Dimensionalise the footage in Adobe After Effects. Thanks so much, big shout out to Creative Director Patrick Clair Antibody.tv, Patrickclair.com, Raoul Marks ... Read More


ShapeShifter AE and FreeForm Pro Are Now Available for CC

We are pleased to announce that our popular 3D plug-ins for After Effects, ShapeShifter AE and FreeForm Pro, are now compatible with Adobe Creative Cloud on the following systems: Mac OSX (Lion & Mountain Lion): NVIDIA GPU's with 1 GB+ of VRAM Mac OSX (Mavericks): NVIDIA, ATI/AMD (7 Series, D300, 500, 700); Intel onboard graphics (Intel Iris Pro, HD5000). WINDOWS ... Read More


Part 9: Character Animation in After Effects by Dave Legion

Dave shows us a fast and easy way to create a 3D head for your puppet. He creates a displacement map using Cinema 4D Lite (bundled with After Effects CC). This displacement map can be imported into After Effects, and used for your character animation with mettle's FreeForm. This is a follow-up to a technique ... Read More


ShapeShifter AE-The Ultimate Guide by Chris Lavelle

Chris Lavelle has prepared this video for ShapeShifter AE. It can be used as an introduction to the plug-in, or as a reference guide on specific features. Chris uses some great examples to explain the features and functionality in a clear and concise manner. This is a companion guide to FreeForm Pro: The Ultimate Guide, ... Read More


Part 7 & 8: Character Animation in After Effects by Dave Legion

Moving forward in this tutorial series, Dave shows us how to create a controller for the puppet head and the puppet's eyes in Part 7. He also shows how to switch out the voice over using mamoworld's Lyp-Synch in Part 8. Truly remarkable work. Part 7. Build Me Some Hope: Create Simple Controllers for the Head ... Read More


Part 5 & 6: Character Animation in After Effects by Dave Legion

In these two installments of Dave's tutorial series, he shows us some clever ways to build a working jaw and create swinging hair. A key component in his facial animation is Mettle’s FreeForm plug-in for After Effects. Part 5. Build Me Some Hope: Creating a Working Jaw Using AE 3D Layers. Dave shows us how to use 3D layers ... Read More


Part 3 & 4: Character Animation in After Effects by Dave Legion

In this continuation of an excellent series of tuts, we learn how to set up custom sliders to control the puppet’s facial expressions (Part 3). We also learn how to set up the lip syncing with mamoworld's Auto Lip-Synch (Part 4). In Part 3, you will learn how to setup custom sliders to control your puppet’s ... Read More


FreeForm Pro-The Ultimate Guide by Chris Lavelle

Chris Lavelle walks us through the features of FreeForm Pro, mettle's 3D plug-in for After Effects. He explains every feature in detail, step-by-step. An extremely thorough video manual/tutorial that can be used as an introduction to FreeForm Pro, or as a reference guide on specific features. Chris explains it all in his tutorial: 00:00 FreeForm Pro 01 ... Read More


Create a Sci-Fi Panel in After Effects: Tutorial by Tudor “Ted” Jelescu

Tudor "Ted" shows how to create a custom Sci-fi panel in After Effects. He uses a royalty-free 2D image as the starting point. He shows how to use the displacement mapping feature in mettle plug-ins to create his custom 3D model from that image. Great for game or movie titles, matte paintings or set extensions, ... Read More


Part 2: Character Animation in After Effects by Dave Legion

Part 2 in this comprehensive tutorial series is now available. The series is entitled "Build Me Some Hope", named for the female character. Dave Legion explains things in a easy-to-follow, methodical style, using mettle's plug-in FreeForm. Even if you've never done character animation before, Dave shows you how easy it can be. In Part 2, ... Read More


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Character Animation in After Effects using FreeForm – Tutorial Series by Dave Legion

Dave Legion has put together a comprehensive set of tutorials on Character Animation. The series is called "Build Me Some Hope", named after a character from "A Story of Hope", an animation he worked on for the FH Foundation. The tutorial series is being hosted on aetuts+ over the next few weeks. Part 1: Character ... Read More


Mettle Profiles Sonia Rechaux | ShapeShifter AE

Sonia Rechaux was classically trained in design schools in Paris, France.  She learned Adobe After Effects at a Parisian advertising agency, and now works freelance. When she began work on a film title sequence for Praschan Requiem, a French crime film, she chose mettle's 3D plug-in ShapeShifter AE to help deliver her vision.  The long ... Read More


A Head For Numbers, An Eye For Beauty

Tsukasa Kishimoto (vj nanographica) creates 3D projection installations in clubs and special venues in and around Tokyo, Japan. He uses After Effects for his motion graphics sequences, with mettle’s 3D plug-in FreeForm Pro as one of the tools to achieve his artistic vision. He also makes elaborate handmade 3D kaleidoscopes. Amazingly, all this work is done ... Read More


Mettle Profiles Cameron Gough of Dirty Puppet

Cameron Gough runs an award-winning animation studio in Melbourne Australia that goes by the name 'Dirty Puppet'. We wanted to find out more about the man who gives his studio such an unusual name. 'Hamer Hall - Evolution' received a 'Highly Commended / Honourable Mention' as part of the Australian showcase at the 2013 Melbourne International ... Read More